Welcome to On Target Virginia!

Here at On Target Virginia LLC, our goal is simple: To help you develop the knowledge, skill and attitude you need to better protect yourself and those you love.  

There are no guarantees when you engage someone bent upon harming you. 
For this reason, we focus first on AWARENESS and AVOIDANCE, then on EVASION.  But because you may one day face a situation where you have no 
other choice, we also cover RESISTANCE options.

Chances are good that you're reviewing this page because you're considering 
a handgun as one of your RESISTANCE options.  If that's the case, you will appreciate the time we devote to providing the essential information you need 
to choose the right handgun, operate it properly and store it safely.

Students often arrive for our classes with deepset reservations about handguns.  
They're not sure they'll ever be comfortable around handguns, much less comfortable shooting or owning one.  If that describes you, rest assured that we understand your concerns.  If, upon completing the class, you decide that handguns simply are not for you, we'll respect that decision.

The bottom line?  If you're looking for information on personal safety, responsible handgun use and concealed carry in the Commonwealth of Virginia, delivered in 
a relaxed, hands-on environment by Instructors focused on your achievement, 
we don't think you'll find a better value.

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