Welcome to On Target Virginia!

Here at On Target Virginia LLC, our goal is simple: To help you develop the knowledge and skill you need to effectively use a handgun, whether it be for sport or self-protection.  

Chances are good that you're reviewing this page because you're at least considering a handgun for self-protection.  If that's the case, you will appreciate the time we devote to providing the essential information you need to choose the right handgun, operate it properly and store it safely.

Students often arrive at the range with deepset reservations or apprehension about handguns.  Some have never fired a shot from any firearm. They're not sure they'll ever be comfortable around handguns, much less comfortable shooting or owning one.  If that describes you, rest assured that we understand your concerns.  

The bottom line?  If you're looking for a place to explore handgun ownership and use, delivered in a relaxed, hands-on environment by Instructors focused on your safety and achievement, you've found it.  

Mike Leach, Owner
(804) 741-4162

P.S. If, upon completing our Level 1 class, you decide handguns are simply not for you, we'll respect your decision.  The right decision for you is the one that works for you and the one with which you are comfortable.

"When you're ready...we're ready"

Dave Spaulding
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