At On Target Virginia LLC, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our material and how we present it.  Our goal is to provide each and every participant factual material in a clear, concise, enjoyable manner.  To ensure we are accomplishing our goal, we regularly invite participants to complete a short online survey after they've attended one of our classes.  Shown below are some of the comments provided us through those surveys:

I thoroughly enjoyed the Level 2 class and took away some valuable skills...Thank you again for your clear and concise instruction.  You are a very patient and informative Instructor.--Candy D.

I did enjoy the class.  Being a beginner, I felt nervous going by myself.  I realized the other ladies were more experienced than me, but the way the class was done, I did not feel out of place.  I would be interested in taking another class in the future.--Dorothy M.

Great class!--Mandy

I highly recommend the Level 2 range class.  It gives you a chance to practice your skills in a variety of true-to-life scenarios.  They were awesome and a real confidence booster!  They (the Instructors) make you feel at ease while keeping the range safe for all.  The day went way too fast!--Becky D.

I did enjoy the (Level 1) class and felt it was worth attending.--Brandy S.

The (Level 1) class that I took was really helpful to me, being new to hand guns.  It really gave me an overall picture of safety and the meaning of self defense.  I will be taking it again.--Tim T.

Thank you so much for the class today.  Thanks for the extra help I needed with loading the gun.  You guys are terrific Instructors.  I am looking forward to the next class--Robin S.

I really enjoyed today's focus on self defense. This was probably my fifth Level 1 class with you.  Each one has been a little bit different, so it has always been a great learning experience as well as a lot of fun.  I have always felt completely safe on your range due to your emphasis on safety and your attentiveness to every student--Cindy P. 

The material was simple and easy to follow.  Open dialogue was effective in understanding different perspectives.

Information was delivered in straight forward and deliberate manner.  Each response was well thought out and explained the reasoning for everything we must think or do relative to owning and using a hand gun.  Range time was GREAT.

I have always respected firearms, but I now feel a higher personal respect for them and understanding the mechanics of using a handgun, I've strengthened that respect.

I liked most the emphasis placed on avoiding having to shoot someone, that this must be the absolute last option taken.

It was a thinking class...Instruction was great...I could have listened for another 3 to 4 hours.  Great class!!

I have already suggested the class to a few folks.  Several are contemplating buying a handgun.  I advised them to take both classes first and then go about making their decision.

I have already suggested and encouraged some friends that they need to do these courses.  So beneficial.  This was a wonderful experience.

I actually talked about it the next day at work so I would get my friends to take the class.

It's worth it!

                                    "When you're ready...we're ready"